living rooms of the rich and famous - dominique nabokov

Tom Sachs, artist, Little Italy

Nan Goldin, photographer, Greenwich Village

Jerome Robbins, director, choreographer, Upper East Side

Quintin Crisp, writer, East Village

Taylor Mead, poet, East Soho

Reverend Al Sharpton, political activist, Brooklyn

Barbara Jakobson, Upper East Side

David Seidner, photographer, East Soho

Robert Wilson, director, West Side Highway

Fernando Sanchez, fashion designer, Upper East Side

All of the above photographs 
were taken by 
 Dominique Nabokov
the no frills "vibe" photographer 
who had her heyday in the '90s
but is due for a 
She was doing 15 years ago,
what everyone is striving for now,
a relaxed, lived-in, natural,
no flash, no flowers, no moving the furniture around
that seems so easy to do,
but isn't.
Hats off to

I just added Dominique's 
preface to her book
"New York Living Rooms"
I love her attitude,
which is fresh now,
and unheard of in the 
slick 90's.


  1. thanks! just bought a 9 dollar copy on your recommendation!

    hope you are good patrick!

  2. I just ordered this last week from Amazon based on her interview in the new Apartamento. Much more compelling than their normal features. Can't wait for it to show up.

  3. Taylor Mead's is the most interesting.

  4. have the paris one which is really nice too.

    the title "rich&famous" is a little off in regard to the work though...

  5. It's true - this seems really before-the-fact. PS I got stuck in a kind of pendulum between Al Sharpton and Barbara Jakobsen.

  6. funny, i find all of these ones a bit clinical compared with the london and paris ones